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never-turn-away-smallNever Turn Away

“Trungpa Rinpoche’s great saying was, “Turn toward every thing.” There’s something very wholesome about turning toward things completely and openly. It is sharp and uncontrived and feels genuine in a way that our ordinary projections and ways of handling things never do – from Never Turn Away

A meditator’s meditator, Rigdzin Shikpo né Michael Hookham) began to practice in the mid 1950’s and eventually became a prominent student of several renowned Tibetan Buddhist teachers, including Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. Over the years he has developed his own utterly unique style made of straight talk and sparkling, inspiring insights. This path of openness, clarity, and sensitivity is a hallmark of the Dzogchen tradition of Buddhist practice. Rigdzin Shikpo has lived its truth so deeply that his words shine with authenticity and freshness.

openess-sensitivity-and-clarityOpenness Clarity Sensitivity

Openness Clarity sensitivity stresses the importance of confidence in the nature of mind, the heart essence of our being. It is what we essentially are, that aspect of our being which was never created and can never be destroyed. It is beyond creation and destruction, beyond time and space. It is mysterious and yet so familiar, indefinable and yet so simple.

Rigdzin Shikpo describes how by cutting through our self doubt and hesitations the way is opened to connect directly to the true nature of our being. This allows us to relate properly to the teachings of the great gurus of the Maha-Ati (Dzogchen) Buddhist tradition. 

on-freeing-the-heartOn Freeing the Heart

This small book of transcribed and edited talks has been produced by Rigdzin Shikpo’s students at the Nitartha School. It has been done for the benefit of new students as well as for a wider public. In particular it is hoped that it will benefit those who, having listened to Rigdzin Shikpo speak either at the London Buddhist Society or elsewhere, wish to follow up what they have heard. July 1985.

formless-death-and-dyingFormless Meditation and the Dying Process

This booklet contains an edited version of a talk given by Rigdzin Shikpo at the Abbey, Sutton Courtney in October 1996.

progressive-stagesProgressive stages of meditation on emptiness

The Venerable Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Europe at the request of HH Karmapa 16th in 1977. He is one of the most erudite scholars and accomplished yogis of the Karma Kagyu lineage. He is especially well-known for his breadth of vision and the clarity of his Dharma expositions. He first taught the Progessive Stages on Emptiness in Europe in 1978 and over the years he taught it again on a number of occasions in different countries, including America in 1985.

The present text represents a more refined and extensive version of the original transcribed course. In order to incorporate the new material at appropriate moments in the text without disturbing the flow, the whole text has been re-written and re-arranged.  First Published in 1986.


Heart Of Buddha Films

hob-mindfulness-cover-smaller Mindfulness

A talk by Rigdzin Shikpo about what is meant by ‘Mindfulness’ in the Buddhist context as opposed to what it can be misinterpreted as, in secular courses so popular at the moment. “Mindfulness means the encouraging and furthering of awareness and wakefulness in our meditation and our everyday life. True mindfulness is always non-coercive, free from frenetic effort, a gentle approach which yields great fruit in understanding and in empathy with others. We learn to relate to our bodies, our feelings, our hearts and our minds through direct experience, gradually reaching a panoramic viewpoint, a still centre, a point of balance our lives.”  – Rigdzin Shikpo.
This talk was recorded at NOA in Oxford on 4th Oct 2014.  Both discs also contain extra clips from Rigdzin Shikpo’s talk on the same theme to the Awakened Heart Sangha the following day, 5th Oct, in Birmingham.

 DVD £16.99

Bluray £24.99

cover-vim-dand-d Death and Dying

According to the later Indian tradition of Buddhadharma, a person entering the process of dying or having passed beyond the moment of death has a greater opportunity of becoming more open to what is real than at any other stage in their lifetime.  A helper can use inspiring words and other practices so that the dying or dead person sees through the basic error of grasping at ego, and they become an awakened one in the land of clarity.
Rigdzin Shikpo’s talk helps explain how these methods can be used and why it is so important to realise this is an activity for the whole dharmacakra mandala; how everyone in a practicing sangha and beyond, is linked to, and can, and do support the dead and dying person. It was recorded at St Margarets, Oxford in February 2012.

 DVD £16.99

Bluray £24.99

 cover-vim-karmaKarma: Working with our World

Karma means action. It encompasses all the actions we do with our body, our speech, our mind.  We shape our world by the attitudes and actions we have created and performed.  What we do is important
because it produces results that radiate into the future affecting ourselves and everyone. These results return to us like images in a mirror. Our actions give rise to the world around us and it is within that world of actions that we live our lives.  There are many wrong ideas about karma and its results. Rigdzin Shikpo’s talk helps to clarify in great detail the nature of karma and shows how it can help us to understand our world in a meaningful way. It was recorded at Oxford Town Hall in October 2010.

 DVD £16.99
cover-vim-longchenpa Longchen Longchenpa and the Dzogchen Path to Ultimate Realisation

Dzogchen (or MahaAti) translates as the ‘Great Perfection’ and is considered by the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism as the highest and most definitive path to ulitmate realisation. Of all the different teachings of the Buddha,  Dzogchen is considered by many Lamas to be the most appropriate for our time.
In this talk Rigdzin Shikpo explains the Dzogchen view of the nature of reality.. He describes, in detail, the thinking behind the name ‘Longchen’ which the Longchen Foundation shares with the one of the greatest Tibetan scholars and realised masters, Longchen Rabjam or Longchenpa.
It was recorded at the Friends Meeting House, Oxford in December 2011.

 DVD £16.99

Bluray £24.99


Mandala means something that has a centre and a periphery.  Recognising the dynamics of all our mandala connections, the connections between mind, body, environment, self and others, is part of the awareness and clarity aspect of Being.  Mandalas are the living spontaneously appearing dynamic patterns that pervade the whole universe and are the universe itself. Every aspect of our individuality is made from mandalas, as is the apparently existing external universe.  We need to communicate with the mandalas around us through the power of our own heart mandala.

This talk was recorded at St Margaret’ s, Hall, Oxford in June 2012.

 DVD £16.99

Bluray £24.99

cover-vim-meeting-rinpoche Meeting Trungpa Rinpoche

In 1963, a young Tibetan monk called Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche arrived in Great Britain to study at the University of Oxford. He was to have a profound effect on Western culture writing many books and creating many organisations. One of the first Westerners to be taught by Trungpa Rinpoche was a young man called Michael Hookham, later to be given the title ‘Rigdzin Shikpo.’

Chögyam Trungpa was Rigdzin Shikpo’s root guru. In these talks he passes on the inspiration he had from Trungpa Rinpoche and shows how the teachings of the direct simplicity of awareness can affect not only the individual but the whole of society.
This talk was recorded at the North Oxford Association, Oxford in Oct 2013.  Also included is the short film  ‘A Visit to Biddulph Old Hall’

 DVD £16.99

Bluray £24.99

 hob-mandala-and-dzogchen-cover-smallerNEW RELEASE

The Mandala Principle in the Dzogchen Tradition (English Version)

Everything in the Universe manifests as a mandala. Every mandala has a central principle that radiates outwards. It is by its very nature dynamic and vivid. Mandala principles can be recognised in every aspect of society. The Dzogchen Tradition, the highest buddhist view, is based on this principle. The centre of the mandala of enlightenment is the Heart of Awakening, the union of openness, clarity and sensitivity. Through meditation practice Dzogchen practitioners connect to the Heart of Awakening which becomes a constant reality all the way through life and the dying process. The Dzogchen teachings reveal the true nature of reality: Awakening is not realised through causes and  conditions, body and mind can be transformed spontaneously. Beyond ignorance and confusion our ordinary flesh body is composed of elements of light. This talk was recorded at Forum am Park, Heidelberg, May 2016.

 DVD £16.99

Bluray £24.99

hob-mandala-dzogchen-cover-ger-smaller NEW RELEASE

The Mandala Principle in the Dzogchen Tradition (German Version)

Rigdzin Shikpo Rinpoche eröffnet uns in diesen Vorträgen einen besonderen Pfad in die Freiheit: Alles im Universum manifestiert sich als Mandala. Jedes Mandala hat ein zentrales Prinzip, das ausstrahlt. Es ist seinem Wesen nach dynamisch und lebendig. Mandalaprinzipien sind in unserer Gesellschaft und Umwelt überall zu erkennen. Aus der Sicht der Dzogchen-Tradition, der höchsten buddhistischen Sichtweise, gründet alles auf diesem Prinzip. Zentrum des erleuchteten Mandalas ist das erwachte Herz des Seins, die Vereinigung von Offenheit, Klarheit und Feinfühligkeit. Praktizierende des Dzogchen üben, sich in der Meditation damit zu verbinden, damit sich auch im Sterbeprozess diese konstante Realität offenbaren kann.Die Dzogchen-Lehren enthüllen die wahre Natur der Dinge: Erwachen wird nicht durch Ursachen und Bedingungen erlangt, sondern Geist und Körper können spontan transformiert werden. Jenseits von Verwirrung ist unser gewöhnlicher fleischlicher Körper aus Elementen von Licht gemacht. Wir können uns ganz natürlich mit anderen verbinden und in grenzenloser Offenheit zum Wohle aller Wesen tätig werden.Diese Vorträge wurden im Mai 2016 im Forum am Park, Heidelberg, aufgenommen.

 DVD £16.99

Bluray £24.99

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