We currently have two funds for you to choose from, please see below for details.Kai_Schoormann-Bodhgaya_07 for website

Buildings Fund

We would like to build a British Buddhist Centre in Oxford. Not only will having a centre of our own enable us to be more effective in providing a space for Buddadharma activities to flourish here in Britain, a dedicated centre will also provide space for a dedicated team of people to work closely on a daily basis. Among many things, it will mean allow us to offer a more detailed programme of public teachings.  Please consider contributing to this exciting new project in any way you are able!

Donate towards buildings

General fund

As with similar organisations, The Longchen Foundation as a registered charity is in need of funds in order to be able to function. We provide a variety of events and programmes at both local and national level which include meditation instruction, Dharma teachings and retreats. We also have a bursary scheme to support those wishing to deepen practise who wouldn’t otherwise be able to.


Wills and Bequests

If you are considering leaving a bequest then please download our Wills and Bequests form.  Once filled, please scan it and email it to our donations team.

All donations gratefully received

The gift of Dharma exceeds all

Registered Charity No. 802247

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