Local Groups UK

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Trish Bartley
Tel: 01758 721236


Arthur Rhodius

Tel: 0787 5200742

Tim Malnick
Tel: 0117 923 2223

John Doe
Tel: 07946 149427

Moira Tanner
Tel: 01702 712580

London (South)
David Hutchens
Tel: 0208 6908778

London (West)
Francesca Fremantle
Tel: 0207 370 2138

Andrew Patching
Tel: 01622 670587


Caroline Seymour
Tel: 01865 553108

Pat MacDonald
Tel: 01766 513131





"As our view of the world changes, it becomes possible to love others in a way that we previously reserved for ourselves alone. This genuine
love is self-existent, beyond all contrivance and manipulation. It arises
spontaneously, simply because the obstacles to its arising have been removed."

Rigdzin Shikpo







Local Groups (UK)

Getting in touch with a local group is a good way to experience the Longchen approach to meditation.

Our local groups are all led and taught by experienced, authorized teachers within the Longchen tradition. They are open to anyone who wishes to follow a direct and simple path of meditation with the intention of awakening one's own heart and mind, and being of benefit to others.

These groups offer inspiration and teachings from the Path of Freedom programme and support those new to meditation, as well as people already on Longchen Foundation courses. For those who wish to study and practice in the Mahayana Maha-Ati (Dzogchen) tradition, this is an opportunity to meet with the sangha of practitioners: those new to meditation, those already on the path of training, and experienced practitioners and teachers (some having trained with Rigdzin Shikpo for over twenty years).

The main meditation and practice for all courses in the Longchen Foundation is Formless Meditation. For those who wish to follow this meditative training, there will be opportunities to receive detailed instruction on the meditation technique from an authorised meditation teacher.

The format of the groups varies from place to place, but most meet weekly for meditation practice and group discussion or short courses.