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"Meditation and daily life practice are a path of discovery because there is something to be discovered. It is called the Nature of Mind, Buddha Nature or the Indestructible Heart Essence. But what is it? That is what we each have to discover within ourselves. The path is the awakening process by means of which we come to recognise it."

Rigdzin Shikpo















Local Groups - Bristol

Wednesday evenings from 7.45 - 9.15pm

The Relaxation Centre
9 All Saints Road, Bristol, BS8 2JG

The summer term begins on September 5th and will run until December 19th.

We will start the term as always with an emphasis on formless meditation. Beginners and new members of the group are very welcome - we are happy to introduce anyone new to the basics of formless meditation.

From September 26th there will be a series of talks on the topic of 'Core Buddhist Teachings and the view of Mahayana MahaAti'. This will introduce basic Buddhist teachings with discussion of how the view of immediacy and the essence of formless meditation applies in that context. All are welcome


General introduction to the Bristol Group

We have been meeting here since 2000 and have classes ongoing throughout the year - with brief breaks over Christmas, Easter and Summer. Classes are run by Steve Hinde and Tim Malnick.

We vary the structure of classes a little. The first few weeks of each new term tend to emphasise longer periods of meditation (up to an hour) with less talks and discussion. We then move to half and hour meditation periods with time for a talk and discussion. Each term we offer a series of talks covering a Path of Freedom topic.

Beginners and experienced meditators are both welcome. You can come along to any Wednesday night class - people coming for the first time are welcome to have a one to one introductory chat where we can talk more about Longchen, the Bristol programme and the basic meditation. We are also happy to have one to one meditation interviews periodically as part of the session, for those who would like one.

Also feel free to join our local Yahoo group to be sent details of courses and forthcoming events:

For futher information please contact us on: or by phoning us on 0117 923 2223(Tim)