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"Meditation and daily life practice are a path of discovery because there is something to be discovered. It is called the Nature of Mind, Buddha Nature or the Indestructible Heart Essence. But what is it? That is what we each have to discover within ourselves. The path is the awakening process by means of which we come to recognise it."

Rigdzin Shikpo













Local Groups - Oxford
Meets regularly on Tuesday evenings, 7.00 (for 7.15) – 9.00pm


Friends Meeting House

43 St Giles


Meditation is the means of connecting more fully with the world of our own experience. It is a path of complete openness of heart and mind, through which we come to realise the indestructible heart essence that is our true nature, thereby benefiting both ourselves and others.

We meet weekly to practise meditation together and to deepen our understanding of Buddhist teaching. The group is led by Caroline Seymour, an experienced teacher known for her accessible style and friendly approach.

Each session starts with half an hour of meditation, which is followed by a talk and a discussion. Participants are encouraged to ask questions. There is no pressure to agree with the ideas presented.

The sessions are open to both experienced students and complete beginners. Newcomers are most welcome.

Spring Programme 2014
The session will begin on 21st January with meditation and a general talk. We take a half-term break on 18th February. The programme will run until April 8th. The final session on April 8th will be open only to those who have already attended some meetings.

The theme for the second half of this term will be ‘The five views’. Based on teachings by renowned Tibetan teacher Khenpo Rimpoche, these views present the key stages in the Buddhist understanding of emptiness. We will discuss how to interpret them and what they might mean in the context of our experience.

Summer Programme 2014
The winter/spring programme will begin on Tuesday 29th April. The half-term break is on 27th May. The final session, open to those who have already attended some meetings, will be on 22nd July.

A donation of £5 is requested to pay for the venue. Tea and biscuits will be offered at the end of the teaching.

For more information, contact Caroline Seymour on 01865 553108
Or email: oxford@longchenfoundation.org