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"Meditation and daily life practice are a path of discovery because there is something to be discovered. It is called the Nature of Mind, Buddha Nature or the Indestructible Heart Essence. But what is it? That is what we each have to discover within ourselves. The path is the awakening process by means of which we come to recognise it."

Rigdzin Shikpo

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Books and Booklets

There are a number of books written by Rigdzin Shikpo and other Longchen teachers introducing some of the views and practices of the Longchen Foundation. These can be ordered from us or available from online booksellers such as Wisdom UK and Amazon.

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We also have some CDs of public talks available for sale. We will continue to add to this list of available recordings in the coming months

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Talks and articles

You are also welcome to download a number of excerpts from talks and articles. These cover a range of topics - some oriented for beginners and those with no previous background in Buddhism, others assume some previous experience in Buddhism and meditation.

We will continually update and add to the materials in this section - do do visit us again to find more.

Excerpts of talks and articles