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"Some people feel Buddhism is pessimistic. But really it is neither optimistic nor pessimistic. It is just seeing things as they are. Buddhist practice is about becoming more open, clear, and sensitive. There is nothing gloomy about that. Of course, this makes our experience clearer and
sharper, and we might not like that. We may feel uncomfortable when our
seemingly solid world becomes “more transparent” and “not so easily grasped at,” as Trungpa Rinpoche used to say. But it is hardly pessimistic to see that the world of our experience is potentially a much brighter,
vaster place than we ever thought possible."

Rigdzin Shikpo

























Training with Longchen - Overview

The Indestructible Heart Essence is the name for the whole of the Longchen Foundation path of training. The Indestructible Heart Essence consists of a number of distinct programmes that when combined can take someone from their very first steps on the path through to the very end of awakening itself.

We run a variety of courses, classes, and retreats throughout the year. Many of these are open to the public – whether beginners in meditation or more experienced practitioners who are newcomers to Longchen.

Later programmes are open only to those who have completed earlier programmes and taken the relevant commitments. There are a number of ways to begin your training with the Longchen Foundation and to find out if this particular path is for you.


A Map of the Indestructible Heart Essence

Indestructible Heart Essence