Three New Path of Freedom talks to be taught by Rigdzin Shikpo in 2019

This year Rigdzin Shikpo will be continuing to teach the Longchen Symbol teachings.

Over the course of three weekends he will give teachings on ‘Certainty’ ‘Heart Wish’ and ‘Ground Path Fruit’

This is an amazing opportunity to hear teachings on essential aspects of the path from a Maha Ati (Dzogchen) perspective, first hand from a native English speaker.

We’ve had people coming for all over the world to hear him talk at these events and do hope some of you can join us.

Please keep a space in your diary for the following three weekends

23-24 Feb 2019 – Certainty

4-5 May 2019 – Heart Wish

26-27 Oct – Ground Path Fruit

Booking details are on each event page.

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