Forthcoming and Ongoing Longchen Foundation Classes

We have one final Lion’s Roar Foundation weekend coming up next month, 8-9 May. For those unfamiliar with the Lion’s Roar, this is our foundational and introductory programme in Buddhist practice and view. It introduces students to a fundamentally different way of experiencing and acting in the world, free from the ordinary tangle of confusion and instead imbued with a sense of openness and caring for others. It is a three year course, and this is the last opportunity of this year to begin this path of training. The first weekend covers the foundational meditation and fundamental point of view of Buddhist practice. We still have early-bird tickets available until 24 April which we offer at a significant discount! For more information see the event page here: The weekend will be taught by Mary Mackay-James, one of Rigdzin Shikpo‘s earliest students.

Other Classes and Programmes

We currently have ongoing Path of Freedom classes still offered online via Zoom. Mary Mackay-James, teacher of the upcoming Lion’s Roar Foundation Weekend, is currently teaching the stories of the Mahasiddhas at the Bristol Path of Freedom Group. See the events here: At the Oxford Path of Freedom group, we are approximately halfway through exploring one of the great books of Buddhist practice and view: Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. See the events here:

For any other questions about our events and programmes, just email As always, we wish you success in your practice and happiness in every aspect of your experience.

Best wishes in the Dharma,

Longchen Foundation

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