January Lion’s Roar Foundation Weekend With Kathy Nairne

We now have the opportunity to start the forthcoming year 2023 with the profound teachings of the Lion’s Roar Foundation Weekend. We’re happy to announce that registration is currently open for this event which will be taught by Kathy Nairne, one of Rigdzin Shikpo’s earliest students.

The Lion’s Roar is a training programme in formless meditation which directly introduces students to the way of Maha Ati, considered to be the highest Buddhist teachings. During this weekend, Kathy Nairne will give the complete transmission of the meditation practice, which includes the instructions for sitting meditation, as well as teachings on the view, which clarify the significance of the practice and what it means to relate to our experience in a non-egocentric way.

This weekend is self-contained and provides a complete introduction to Dzogchen practice. But it can also be the entry point to the three year Lion’s Roar programme, which guides students to a complete understanding of the formless meditation practice by examining the many complex layers of conceptuality that obstruct our ability to connect fully to the practice in all its subtlety and profundity.

Registration is on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-lions-roar-foundation-weekend-online-tickets-468830002157. Early bird pricing is available until December 31st!

Heart of Buddha with Ridgzin Shikpo on December 3rd

The Heart of Buddha series are teachings Rigdzin Shikpo gives directly to the general public, choosing a topic he finds particularly relevant at this time. This event only happens once a year and is open to all, so don’t miss this opportunity! Tickets are available on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/heart-of-buddha-live-stream-with-rigdzin-shikpo-on-3-december-2022-tickets-462135027307

Lion’s Roar Foundation Weekend with Mary Mackay-James

Tickets are still available for the forthcoming Foundation Weekend on November 26-27 taught by Mary Mackay-James. You can make your reservation on Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-lions-roar-foundation-weekend-online-tickets-452225507667.

The Lewisham Path of Freedom group will gather for two more classes, November 21st and 28th, before taking a winter break. You can find out more about this group and their classes here: https://www.longchenfoundation.org/pof/lewisham/

The Oxford Path of Freedom group also will be gathering for two more classes before their winter break, on November 22nd and 29th. More information about this group and their teachings can be found here: https://www.longchenfoundation.org/pof/oxford/

Longchen Open has one more class on November 24th before ending the Autumn term. This course teaches an introduction to formless meditation, more information here: https://www.longchenfoundation.org/pof/longchen-open/ For questions about any Path of Freedom classes, please contact pof@longchenfoundation.org.

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