Longchen Christmas Gift Idea + Fundraising Update

Fed up with receiving yet another pair of socks for Christmas? Not sure you need another Christmas jumper that you’ll never wear? Don’t want another Experience Day voucher that you’ll never book? So many Hot Air Balloon/ Zorbing/ Paragliding coupons go unused. Maybe you just don’t want any more clutter in the house? Don’t worry there is an alternative…
How about asking friends and family to donate something towards the Longchen Lineage Home — A festive gift that keeps on giving? Most of us have more than enough material goods; instead of adding to those ever increasing piles or filling storage units ask for something that will help countless beings – a donation to the Lineage Home
We’ve set up a webpage to make things as easy for people as possible.
It can be nice to receive a thankyou note if so please remind them to email us your details and we will let you know what they have donated on your behalf.
Our email link fundraising@longchenfoundation.org  is on the webpage.
Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche used to say ‘The Guru is like Father Christmas’ because of the countless gifts he bestows on us. Please help of very own Santa this Christmas by helping bring his vision of the Lineage Home into reality.
A Very Merry Yuletide to you all
Dan and the Fundraising Team    

So far we have raised approximately £6000 towards the Longchen Lineage Home – it’s a small start towards the multi-million pound fund we plan to raise, but it is something. We have also had half a million pounds bequeathed to Longchen in the form of property and life insurance policies.
If anyone missed the mailout about leaving money, property or assets in a will and other ways of giving please email Dan: fundraising@longchenfoundation.org  
Just a few of us could make this dream a reality if not immediately for future generations.
Full details on the website: https://www.longchenfoundation.org/lineagehome/

Moira Brown has joined the fundraising team and in the next few months we are going to start approaching big donors to help our cause; companies, individuals and charitable trusts. If anyone has any suggestions please email us the name and contact details and we will follow them up.
At present we don’t have anyone in Germany helping out? It would be wunderbar to have our German brethren represented and part of the team.
In October we meet with a professional fundraiser who works for a charity in Essex that helps kids recovering from traumas and facing mental health problems. She gave us some helpful advice.
The one key thing she stressed was publicity ­- getting our name out there. If anyone wants to help creating some publicity for Longchen please contact us or the Mandala Mother. Putting on teachings, joining forums, writing articles or anything that lets people know we exist.
Next year we would like to run a number of events to raise money. The Mandala Mother suggested a sponsored bike ride, if anyone feels interesting in helping to organise this? Please let us know and we can set the wheels in motion. Any other suggestions are welcome.
Another event planned for next year is an online auction. The objects can be large or small but we want to raise as much money as we can for the Lineage Home. Caroline Cupitt mentioned a psychedelic chest of drawers that were said to have belonged to John Lennon, which resides in the Beechey Avenue attic. Andrew Munroe and Wendy Layton are going to help run it and have offered to donate a couple of artworks by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. If anyone has anything they can donate please email them:
andrewjmunro@gmail.com or wendy.layton@gmail.com
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