Path of Freedom Retreat: Last Call for Online Tickets, In-person Tickets Sold Out

We have sold out of in-person tickets for the Path of Freedom retreat, but you still have a chance to attend online via Zoom! The retreat will consist of meditation, discussion, and teachings and begins this Saturday evening, August 27th, with Rigdzin Shikpo teaching for three days, on the afternoons of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The retreat will also include discussion groups and question periods with Rigdzin Shikpo so that together we can explore and deepen our understanding of these precious Maha Ati Buddhist teachings.

Maha Ati, according to the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, is the pinnacle of all the Buddhist teachings. In the fourteenth century the Ati lineage was revived and clarified by the great Tibetan master Longchen Rabjam from whom our Foundation takes its name. An unbroken lineage of transmission from master to student has kept these teachings alive for generations and continues to this day in the Longchen Foundation. With Rigdzin Shikpo, the lineage holder of this tradition, teaching during this retreat, we will have the great fortune to directly experience this path of wisdom and meditation.

The Path of Freedom retreat is the only Longchen Foundation retreat that is open to all, not only to current students, but to anyone who wishes to make a connection to the Buddha’s teachings. Furthermore, this is the first time ever that the Path of Freedom retreat has been offered online, so don’t delay! You can purchase your tickets at Eventbrite here:

For any questions, please email the organizers at

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