Two new Heart of Buddha talks released on DVD/blu-ray and Vimeo


What is Buddhism? A Religion, A Philosophy Or Something Else?

Rigdzin Shikpo on his belief that the essence of Buddhism, buddha-dharma, is a way of approaching a universal truth.
How it’s not about learning dogma, but using meditation, to see through our misconceptions, break down our conceptual frameworks, until we unveil the underlying reality.

This talk was recorded at St Margaret’s Institute in Oxford on 14th Oct 2017.

Openness Clarity Sensitivity

A talk supporting Rigdzin Shikpo’s book of the same name. When we are open, we naturally become clearer adn more able to respond sensitively to those around us. Discovering this in our own direct experinence transforms our perspective on life. ‘Openness is the essence of the boundless sphere, Clarity is the essence of vivid awareness, Sensitivity is the essence of the heart’s compassion.In the distorting mirror of confused mind,These three become the gross projections of the confused world.’ Rigdzin Shikpo 2018. Recorded on 1st Oct 2016. The first disc contains extra clips from Rigdzin Shikpo’s talk on the same theme to the Awakened Heart Sangha the following day, 2nd Oct, in Birmingham.

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