Upcoming Lion’s Roar Foundation Weekends

For the first time, we are starting to teach the Lion’s Roar online. A few weeks ago we had our first online Foundation Weekends taught in English by Stephen Hinde and in German by Irmentraud Schaffler. By all accounts, they were a great success and many students have told us how inspiring the teachings were from both weekends. So we are very happy to continue offering the Lion’s Roar online this spring with two further Foundation Weekends. This is a unique opportunity to experience the teachings of the Longchen Foundation in a more accessible way either as a new student or to receive these foundational teachings again.

Registration is now open for both weekends and we currently have early bird rates available.

THE LION’S ROAR FOUNDATION WEEKEND online on 6 – 7 March with Kathy Nairne

THE LION’S ROAR FOUNDATION WEEKEND online on 8 – 9 May with Mary Mackay-James

This is a great opportunity for everyone to get a taste of the very special and unique teachings of the Longchen Foundation either as a standalone introduction to meditation practice or to start your journey on the Lion’s Roar path of training.

This weekend is suitable for both total beginners and experienced meditators, for those from any tradition and those from none. The emphasis will be on seeing the true significance of the direct, immediate sense of awareness that we have with us all of the time. There will be an introduction to formless meditation and an exploration of how to carry this very profound view of the world into the everyday world of our experience.

The only course requirements are an open mind and a willingness to look at your own experience in a search for truth.

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