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Guru Day

This day has special significance for students on the Longchen Heart Essence path of training.

Oxford Path of Freedom Group: Openness, Clarity, Sensitivity

The Oxford local group is presenting a series of talks exploring three aspects of the fundamental nature of reality. All of us have the same capacity for total openness to what we experience, the clarity to see the world without confusion, and the sensitivity to act with gentleness and compassion…

Bristol Path of Freedom Group: The 84 Mahasiddhas

Join the Bristol Path of Freedom group for teachings from the inspiring stories from the 84 mahasiddhas. These historic Buddhist teachers attained such high degrees of realization that it is said they were able to fly, travel to hidden lands, and even control the movement of the sun in the…

Full Moon

This day has special significance for students on the Endless Compassionate Vision path of training.