Welcome to the Oxford Path of Freedom Group

This term, Spring 2024, will start on 6th February carry on every Tuesday until 9th April. We will be considering the Longchen Symbol.

Elements of the symbol can be used to illustrate key elements of dharma that Rigdzin Shikpo thought were very important to our practice and the path.

DateTeacherTopic – The Longchen Symbol
6th FebWendyMandala Principle
13th FebDanOpenness, Clarity, Sensitivity 
20th FebWendyIndra Heart Essence
27th FebDan Confidence
5th MarDan and WendyMeditation and Discussion
12th MarWendyHeart Wish
19th MarDanMeditation
26th MarWendy and DanMeditation and Discussion
2nd AprWendyEveryday Life Practice
9th AprDanGaṇacakra

We will have a week’s break as the Vernal Equinox Ceremony will be on a Tuesday this year. Sessions start at 7.30pm as usual for ~ 45mins meditation, followed by a talk and discussion, ending @ 9.00pm.

The zoom link has not changed but if you don’t have it please email us at oxford@longchenfoundation.org.

About the Oxford Group

Meditation is the means of connecting more fully with the world of our own experience. It is a path of complete openness of heart and mind, through which we come to realise the indestructible heart essence that is our true nature. This realisation continuously benefits both ourselves and others.

We put emphasis on the practice of formless meditation and developing the view of openness. Once or twice a year we run short courses (4-5 weeks duration) focusing on the main elements of formless meditation. At other times topics from the Path of Freedom course are presented.

We meet weekly online via Zoom to practise meditation together and to deepen our understanding of Buddhist teachings.

7.30pm Formless Meditation
8.15pm – 9.00pm Teaching and Discussion

The class follows a term-based structure, roughly equivalent to the usual school term dates, but with occasional breaks for Bank Holidays and retreats.

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