The Lion’s Roar

The Lion’s Roar Training

A New Lion’s Roar Cycle Begins

A new cycle of the Lion’s Roar training begins this upcoming April 4 with Lion’s Roar Gate 1 taught by Francesca Fremantle. For more details see the event details here:

What is the Lion’s Roar?

The Lion’s Roar programme is a structured path of training that introduces the view and teachings of the Longchen tradition with an emphasis on developing and deepening a regular practice of formless meditation.

The programme consists of nine weekends or gates over three years. The sequence of teachings offers increasingly subtle and profound views of the basic formless meditation. The first gate introduces the practice of formless meditation and invites us to work directly with the immediacy of awareness. Gate 1 can be taken by anyone regardless of previous experience. For those who wish to it can lead into the further gates of The Lion’s Roar programme.

Continuing the Lion’s Roar

Those who wish to continue with The Lion’s Roar programme typically come to one weekend every four months or so, roughly three a year. At each Gate, you will be introduced to a new view with which to work with your experience and a new aspect of the practice of formless meditation. In the time between each Gate, you are encouraged to develop a regular daily practice of formless meditation and to stay in contact with a Longchen meditation instructor who will support you throughout the programme.

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