Here is a list of excerpts from recent teachings by Rigdzin Shikpo:

  • Cinema Shikpo, New HOB Video Available, Lineage Day, and Forthcoming POF Classes

    Dharma Quotation: Appearance and Emptiness What you see that appears before you can be said to emerge from ungraspable emptiness. As Trungpa Rinpoche says, “Nothing whatever but everything arises from it.” Everything arises from that state which cannot be said to be anything at all in any conceptual or identifiable… Continue reading

  • LR Gate 2, Tenshuk Ceremony, Cinema Shikpo and Much More

    Monthly Dharma Quotation: The Great Sky An important part of celebrating the solstices and equinoxes is the idea of a cycle. The cycle of the seasons if you like, of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. But also the cycle of the breath, the in and out-breath and also the cycle of… Continue reading

  • Monthly Dharma Quotation: Vision of the Mahayana

    As our view of the world changes, it becomes possible to love others in a way that we previously reserved for ourselves alone. This genuine love is self-existent, beyond all contrivance and manipulation. It arises spontaneously, simply because the obstacles to its arising have been removed. Consequently, we can’t command… Continue reading

  • Monthly Newsletter for January

    Monthly Dharma Quotation: The Ungraspable Self As you begin to allow thoughts and feelings to be there, the mind often seems to become more, rather than less, irritating. It is not really becoming more irritating, the fact is, it was always like that, and you are just becoming more and… Continue reading

Video Teachings

We also have a number of teachings available on our Youtube channel.

More Excerpts

The following have been taken from a number of sources by Rigdzin Shikpo, including Openness Clarity Sensitivity and Never Turn Away as well as unpublished teaching transcripts.

Jumping off the Precipice of Concepts into Space

An introduction to Meditation
Openness Clarity Sensitivity: Ground, Path And Fruit

For those with some experience of meditation…

The Four Thoughts
The Elusive Deepening of Dharma Practice
Samsara is a Mess
Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Cannot Improve Samsara but…

For more experienced practitioners interested in a taste of Longchen Mahayana Maha Ati…

Moving from Kyerim (Form) to Dzogrim
Great Bliss Beyond Ordinary Pain and Pleasure

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