Path of Freedom

The Path of Freedom offers a new approach to Awakening and community designed for those of us leading busy lives in today’s world. All you need is the curiosity to explore your own experience with an open mind. A range of core Buddhist themes are introduced from the unique perspective of the Mahayana Maha-Ati view.

Path of Freedom is taught in local group evening sessions, day courses and week-long retreats by Longchen Foundation teachers. Events happen throughout the year in a number of locations and are open to all.

Path of Freedom is not a structured programme, instead themes are offered on a stand-alone basis as part of a spiral curriculum. This means that you can come to as much or as little as you please. Themes are wide-ranging and chosen because of their importance as a basis for linking into further training. Typical themes include:

The Mandala Principle
The Longchen Lineage
Daily life practice: meditation beyond the cushion
Formless meditation and the nature of Openness Clarity Sensitivity

Path of Freedom runs in parallel with The Lion’s Roar and is recommended for those considering embarking upon as well as those already on it.

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