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Parinirvana of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche

It is with great sadness that we learned on  June 22, 2024, that Khenpo Tsultrum Gyamtso passed into parinirvana. Khenpo Tsultrim was an important person for our lineage, one of five of the great Tibetan teachers who transmitted the lineage of teachings to Rigdzin Shikpo, which form the power house of teachings and transmission and authenticity which form the life blood of the Longchen Foundation as a living tradition in the West.

Rigdzin Shikpo once said of Khenpo Tsultrim by way of introduction at a public talk. When you read about Tibet in old books there are stories of great Yogins who have remarkable realization, can accomplish remarkable feats, and importantly can transmit the nature of mind to others.  In actual fact there are very few of such people still alive today, but Khenpo Tsultrim is one such person, and he is here with us right now.

Importantly Khenpo Tsultrim personally supervised Rigdzin Shikpo’s traditional retreat, visiting regularly to give the necessary teachings and transmissions and confirmation of completion. On completion of the three year retreat Khenpo Tsultrim conferred the title of Rigdzin Shikpo, he emphasized this was no ordinary dharma name, but an acknowledgement of his accomplishment. On another occasion, he said he had transmitted everything to Rigdzin Shikpo, and not held back, like one jug of water pouring into another, with nothing lost.

Following Rigdzin Shikpo’s retreat Khenpo Tsultrim would continue to visit the Longchen Foundation and give teachings to the students of the Longchen Foundation on a range of topics, both publically, and privately to the senior teachers. During the last few visits Khenpo Tsultrim would visit North Wales and stay at Ty’n y gors. A house owned by Rigdzin Shikpo, that he used for teaching the Vajrayana and giving Vajrayana empowerments.  Khenpo Tsultrim liked this place, and named it Shikling, the place where thoughts would collapse, and he said it was a place suitable for practicing Vajrayana, and that generations of Shikpos and Shikmos would gain realization there. 

Rigdzin Shikpo composed the following supplication For the Long Life and continued connection with Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche.

Tireless Rider of the Storms of the Ocean of Samsara,
Saviour of those Lost and Dying in its Waves,
You always remain effortlessly in the Anasrava Mahasukha,
A Feat Inconceivable to our Conceptual Minds!
Displayer of the Banner of the Enlightened Activities of the Three Secrets,
Making no Distinction between High and Low, Inside or Outside,
Essence of all the Three Jewels and the Three Roots,
Please never cease to be our Captain and our Guide! 

Composed by Rigdzin Shikpo in March 1997

Longchen Foundation students singing  Khenpo Tsultrim’s song Auspiciousness

Through all of this auspiciousness
Wherever its light may be seen
With the love and the compassion
That make bodhicitta mind supreme
May this thought arise in everyone: “Other beings’ happiness is as important as my own”
And may excellent virtue and auspiciousness
Always increase, never diminish!


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