We currently have two funds for you to choose from, please see below for details.

Lineage Home Fund

This fund is to support our project to establish a permanent home dedicated to the preservation of the Longchen Foundation lineage. This sacred place will house the Longchen Foundation library, and provide space for study, meditation, and consultations with the lineage holder, as well as acting as the lineage holder’s residence. Rigdzin Shikpo’s wish is to have this be a suitable place to preserve the transmission of the Longchen Foundation both now and far into the future. For more information on the lineage home please see this page.

General Fund

As a registered charity, the Longchen Foundation is in need of general funds in order to function. These funds help support our variety of events and programmes at both local and international levels, including meditation instruction, Dharma teachings and retreats. We also have a bursary scheme to support those wishing to deepen practise who wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

If you are donating from outside the UK, select “Enter address manually” when entering your details.

All donations gratefully received

The gift of Dharma exceeds all

Registered Charity No. 802247
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