Longchen Path of Training

The Indestructible Heart Essence

The Indestructible Heart Essence (IHE) is the name for our path of training. It comprises a number of distinct programmes and is designed to take you from your very first steps on the path of awakening through to a complete understanding of awakening itself.

We run a variety of courses, classes, and retreats throughout the year. You can view information on some of our local communities here: Many of these are open to everyone, whether a beginner in meditation or a more experienced practitioner who may be a newcomer to this particular approach.

Later programmes are open only to those who have completed earlier programmes and taken any relevant commitments. There are a number of ways to begin your training with us such as public talks with Rigdzin Shikpo or the Lion’s Roar, and they should give you the time and space to discover if this path is the right one for you.

Announcing Longchen Open Meditation Group

The meditation that will be taught during Longchen Open is commonly referred to as formless meditation. We could call this a beginners’ practice, but it is only for beginners in the sense that we start with it. In fact this is a practice we never abandon. When we reach the highest level, which might have a high-flown name like the Great Perfection, we will find ourselves doing the same meditation.

Anyone looking to make or deepen a connection to the Longchen Foundation and the teachings of Rigdzin Shikpo can now attend an hour’s on-line open meditation group.  The Longchen Open group takes place on Zoom on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 8pm UK time. Our current session of teachings can be found here:

The hour starts with a Longchen instructor giving simple instruction on formless meditation, followed by roughly 20 to 30 minutes of formless meditation practice.  The final 15 or 20 minutes are an opportunity for open discussion about meditation or other practice topics.

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