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So the practice of sitting is the practice of the Warrior, developing confidence to face whatever arises, to turn towards it and use that basic confidence in mind to let down all defences unconditionally. It’s a very brave thing to do, also a very mad thing to do, since it runs counter to all common sense notions of self-preservation. But in the final analysis you have no choice; the Warrior path of honesty and openness is the only path that is.

                                                                Rigdzin Shikpo

Written extracts
The following have been taken from a number of sources by Rigdzin Shikpo, including Openness Clarity Sensitivity and Never Turn Away as well as unpublished teaching transcripts.

Jumping off the Precipice of Concepts into Space
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For more experienced practitioners interested in a taste of Longchen Mahayana Maha Ati…

Moving from Kyerim (Form) to Dzogrim
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