Reminder: Lion’s Roar Foundation Weekend and Rigdzin Shikpo Teachings on Zoom

We have two exciting events coming up this weekend. First, on Friday evening, join the Longchen Foundation for a public viewing on Zoom of Rigdzin Shikpo’s second Heart of Buddha teaching on Death and Dying. According to these teachings, in the dying process there is a special opportunity to more fully open to what is real and see through the basic error of grasping at ego.  Rigdzin Shikpo explains the importance of understanding that the support of a dying person is an activity for a whole dharma mandala to engage in.

The Zoom session will follow this format: After 10 minutes of group formless meditation, we will play Rigdzin Shikpo’s second talk from the Death and Dying teaching, together with some of the Q & A – about an hour in total.  Attendees are very welcome to remain after the video for a further 15 minutes of Zoom together time. Fore more information see this page: or contact Andrew at for any questions.

Then, this weekend we have the Lion’s Roar Foundation Weekend taught by Kathy Nairne. Kathy is a wonderful teacher and one of the earliest students of Rigdzin Shikpo. This is a special opportunity to receive the fundamental practice of meditation from a long-time practitioner and teacher of the Longchen Foundation. It’s not too late to sign up and for more information see this page:

For any other questions about our events or programmes, just respond to this email or send an email to

Best wishes in the Dharma,

The Longchen Foundation

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