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Lion’s Roar Gate 4

Sat 13 Jan @ 10:00 am Sun 14 Jan @ 5:00 pm

You are invited to join us for Lion’s Roar Gate 4 taught by Kathy Nairne and Caroline Seymour this forthcoming 13-14 January 2024. This gate begins the second year of the Lion’s Roar teachings and is open to anyone who has attended Gate 3 at any time in the past. As the previous gates taught the body and speech aspects of formless meditation, the teachings of this gate begin to focus on the mind aspect. In particular, the teachings of this gate focus on the freshness of awareness and the process by which thoughts arise.

This Gate 4 will take place both in-person and online and registration is now open on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-lions-roar-gate-4-weekend-1314-january-in-person-and-online-tickets-771101484297. For those attending in-person, the event will take place at St. Margaret’s Institute at 30 Polstead Road, Oxford 0X2 6TN. As soon as you book, we will send you an information packet with details about Oxford accomodations, parking and other useful background.

Online attendance is by Zoom as usual and the Zoom link will be included in the booking confirmation email so please do keep this accessible. The Zoom information will appear at the very bottom of that email (easy to overlook).

Each day the session will open at 10am UK time, with people variously gathering at St. Margaret’s or on Zoom.

The Saturday session will start 10.30am UK time with an introduction by the event organiser, a group formless meditation practice and then teachings by Kathy Nairne.

The Sunday will start 10.15am UK time with a Gate 4 meditation practice, followed by teaching sessions with Kathy. On both days there will be an opportunity to ask questions and to talk online with your fellow practitioners.

The weekend will finish on Sunday at 4pm UK time.

Any questions please contact the event organisers

Johnny Keen – johnathankeen@hotmail.co.uk

Andrew Munro – andrewjmunro@gmail.com

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