These events are for students of Longchen’s teaching programmes. The entry point for these deeper teachings on Mahayana Maha Ati is the Lion’s Roar. To start on this path we regularly run Lion’s Roar Foundation Weekends in Oxford, Bristol and London. The Lion’s Roar is a three year course designed to introduce the Maha Ati or Dzogchen teachings to a Western audience for more information follow the link.

When students have completed the Lion’s Roar they are invited to start the Endless Compassion Vision, a further course to help students develop bodhicitta and enter onto the Bodhisattva path. For both the Lion’s Roar and the Endless Compassionate Vision students complete and annual week long retreat.

Students completing the Endless Compassion Vision Course Summer 2017


After the Endlless Compassionate Vision course students are encouraged to start the Longchen Heart Essence. These practitioners become the community of those who preserve the life of the tradition, look after the material needs of the tradition and are trained to pass those teachings on to others. It is from this group of students that the teachers of the Longchen Foundation arise.


Tickets for an event will normally be available two or three months in advance. Sometimes Early Bird versions are available, the cut-off date for which will normally be two weeks in advance of the weekend.

Rigdzin Shikpo blessing the marriage vows of two students in 2017

Some general information

The last three gates of the Lion’s Roar and all the subsequent courses are all taught by Rigdzin Shikpo.

The Longchen Foundation also meets as a group several times a year for feast days and special celebrations like Longchenpa Day which marks the paranirvana of the great Buddhist Saint Longchen Rabjam.


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