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Summer Path of Freedom Weekend – Heart Wish

PATH OF FREEDOM WEEKEND Heart Wish The Longchen Symbol Teachings 'At the heart of being is a state of warmth and clarity that never changes. Although it is sometimes hidden from our view, like the full moon obscured by clouds, This moon of the awakened heart is both, our own…

Path of Freedom Retreat 2019

Carmelite Priory ChilswellBoars Hill, Oxfordshire

    Path of Freedom Meditation Retreat 2019 The Longchen Symbol Teachings - Karma & Certainty 6pm 3 June - 10am 9 June 2019 Carmelite Priory, Chilswell, Boars Hill, Oxfordshire OX1 3HB The world is waking up. Be part of that and join us to rest in the true nature…

Autumn Path of Freedom Weekend – Ground Path Fruit

PATH OF FREEDOM WEEKEND Ground Path Fruit The Longchen Symbol Teachings   Three more aspects of Buddhist path explained in great depth by Rigdzin Shikpo. 'At the end of the path is the fruit, which is the realisation that confusion never was from the very beginning. At that point you…