Monthly Dharma Quotation: On The Importance of The View

Meditation is most powerful and effective when we start with the right kind of view. View, in this sense, is a way of seeing that leads to a deeper understanding of the nature of experience, rather than holding a particular dogma or set of beliefs. Our ordinary worldview is something that we adopt almost without knowing it. In this view we want to be secure, to establish ourselves in a position where we can’t be disturbed. Consequently, we approach meditation as a way to create some calmness and stability of mind.

In contrast, the Buddhist view is an attitude of complete openness toward whatever arises in our minds and daily lives. Through openness we never say “no” to any experience; it allows us to feel everything as completely as we can. Meditating with this view makes us become much more stable and true to ourselves than trying to be calm ever could.

Bringing an attitude of openness to everything we experience is the most important thing we can do. It empowers our meditation and makes it effective. And it helps to develop a robustness of mind that can work with any circumstance that arises.

This quotation is from Rigdzin Shikpo’s book Never Turn Away which can be ordered from our bookstore here:

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